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Tripandia. Your trip, everyone's trip

Did it ever happened to you to have used Internet for finding information or inspirations for your next travel? If you retain that the best precious advices are those come directly from the experience of who had already done a similar travel to what your are thinking about, Tripandia is the web site for you!
But Tripandia addresses to those travellers who, amimated from their passion for travels, want to preserve in indelible way their experience, in order to show it to friends, relatives..., and, why not, also to themselves when the memory would begin to fade.

Share your trips

Telling your travel experiences is very simple and in the same time funny in Tripandia. You will have way to define in details the legs of the journey, what you have seen, where you have eaten and slept, and everything useful to describe your experience in very complete way.
Everyting could be enhanced with maps, pictures and comments so the memory of your journey is forever, for yourself and for every people who will want to read it. When you retain it opportune, you can immediately let your journey to be visible to everyone, helping in this way who wants to find information about the places you visited.

Involve your travel buddies

If other people accompanied you in your travels, why don't let them to participate inviting them to tell with you about your experiences?
Your travel buddies can add pictures, tell about the travel from thei point of view, complete that you did not remember to publish.
In this way your travel is unique, but the authors are many.

One faithful network of travellers

Tripandia allows you to follow the travellers you prefer, from you facebook friends to people you think having your same ideas to travel. Their travels have always the priority versus others, so the you can remain always updated about their every new experience

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