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Daniele Besana

The Gambia: bumsters, nice names and haggling

One week in the smallest country of the Africa: The Gambia. With a non-luxury travel to Dakar, Senegal.

by Daniele Besana published on
December 2013 / 8 days / 700 USD 62 Final evaluation
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Travel diary

Back to our resort and chilling in the area.

We tried to hire scooters from a bumster but the policy stopped us after 50 meters and took them away - no documents or license plates on them!

Another confirm that it's not easy to get around if you like independent traveling.

An easier option is to stick to the organized tours.... but it's less fun :P

Unfortunately The Gambia is a sex tourism destination, so get ready to see some weird couples around.

Especially old white fat women with young gorgeous local mandingos!

Daniele Besana


  • by Anonymous

  • Senegambia, Serrekunda, Banjul, The Gambia
    The best area to hang out if you're in the tourist resorts. Read
  • Kololi Beach Club, Serrekunda, The Gambia
    Not as bad as imagined, good resort, clean room and OK breakfast. Crowd of old north European folks. Read

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