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Informative as for the Article 13 of the Code about the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03)

The Informative on the handling of the personal data has the objective to clarify how Tripandia collects the personal data provided by the Users and what usage it does.

As expected from the Art. 13 of the Code of the Privacy they provide, here following, the Informative on the handling of the personal data.

Type of data threated

a) To enjoy of all services of the site they need to register filling up an expected registration form. The providing of the personal data indicated in said form is mandatory to complete the registration procedure; therefore the missed, partial or mistaken insertion of such data disable the registration and hence will not provide any enjoiment of the services.

Data provided from the user by the standard registration are the following:
- First Name
- Last name
- E-mail
- Password

At the discretion of the user, he could, rather than proceed with the standard registration as above, opt for the authentication by the own facebook account. In such a case the data threated are the following:

- First Name
- Last name
- E-mail
- Gender
- Date of birth
- Profile picture
- Town of living

b) Data inserted by the user, successively to the registration, by the page "modify profile" which replace and/or integrate those originally provided indicated in the previous a) bullet.

c) Data inserted by the Users who intended publish or modify a travel. Those data the user would like to share will be automatically published and hence visible to all Internet Users by the search browser.

d) Data stored by the "Cookies". How many other sites do, Tripandia uses the technology of the "cooki" to gather further data relative to the usage of the site and to improve its Services. The cookie is a data file of reduced dimensions which is transferred on your computer hard drive. Tripandia could use either cookies for single sessione or persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with its service, to control the joint usage from its users, to verifiy the traffic on its Services, over that to personalize and to improve its Services. It is faculty of the user to adjust his own browser in order to be noticed each time he visites a web page containing a "cookie". By the setting he could act that the internet navigation software does not accept more cookies or asks for accepting them or not from sites you visit. In any case, some kind of Services could not correctly work if the Users disable the cookies.

Finality of the handling of data

The data will be threated, in the full respect of the current Law on Privacy, for the following finalities:

a) to permit the enjoiment of the Service as expected by the General Terms of the Contract.

b) to consent the personal information sharing except for the mail address with other users of the site and with anonimous visitors

c) to consent the full sharing of travel data that the user inserted with other users of the site and with anonimous visitors

d) to collect statistical information on the usage of the site

e) to consent the profiling of the user for marketing purposes

f) to consent the identification of the user in case of actions vioalting the conditions and terms of usage of the site

g) to communicate to the user new funcionalities in the site

h) to answer to the requests coming from users or from anonimous visitors

i) to manage eventual claims and disputes.

Over that for the finalities above described the data could be furthermore threated to comply to the obligations expected from laws, regulations or provision from the european commission, over that dispositions from the Authority of surveillance of the sector.


On the site they could published data of third persons only if they was acquired the preventive and express consensus of the interested to the handling of such data and to their communication to the third persons: therefore the Users taking into account this Informative and the General Terms of the Contract, note that:

- it is forbidden to upload/insert, in the web space put at their disposal, sensible and judicial data (as for Art. 4, co. 1, letter d) and e) of Privacy Code) and contents relative at underage without the authorization of who exercises the patria potestas and, anyway, personal data of third persons in absence of the necessary authorization to the relative publication/broadcasting on line;

- The responsibility for the eventual handling of data in the previous bullet uploaded/inserted in the Site from the Users could not be attributed to the Owner indicate in the present Informative (the Legislative Decree 196/203 defines as "sensible" the personal data able to reveal racial and ethnical origins, religious convinctions, philosophic or from other type, the political opinions, the joint to party, trade unions, associations or religious, political, philosophical or trade union organizations, over that personal data able to reveal the health status or sexual life).

The Users assume, hence, the full responsibility of the content inserted in the Site, guaranteeing Tripandia about possible violations of the Privacy Code (and its successive modifications and/or integrations) for eventual personal, sensible and judicial data , or about underage eventually present.

Modality and logic of handling.

Tripandia submits the personal data of the Users at all handling operations established by the Italian and European Laws and in particular by the Legislative Decree 196/2003, and more precisely to the collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparing, usage, interconnection and any other operation useful for the providing of the required services, included the communication versus third persons, where indispensable and compulsory to the dispositions of the same Decree. Such data coul be also collected in data bases or archives.

The handling of data will be exercised manually (e.g., on paper support) and/or by automatized instruments (e.g., using procedures and electronic supports), with logics correlated to the above finalities and, anyway, in order to guarantee the security and privacy of the data.

Owner of the handling.

The Owners of the handling of data are Mr. Daniele Natale, Mauro De Cillis and Antonio Catucci.

The right to access to personal data and other rights as for the article 7 of the Code about the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03).

The interested could access in every moment to his data and exercise the other rights expected by the Art. 7 of the Privacy Code, addressing to the Owners of the handling indicated in the previous bullet sending a communication via e-mail to the address In the same way he could ask for the origin of data, the correction, the updating or the integration of mistaken data or incomplete, or the cancellation or locking of them threated in violation of the Law, or yet contrast their usage for legal reasons to highlight in the request.