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Frequently asked questions

Here are some more frequently questions concerning the use of Tripandia.

What are the advantages to be registerered in Tripandia?

If you are a registered user, Tripandia offers you a better experience. You can access to travellers profiles, follow the persons you prefer, record one of your personal journeys, comment the stories that you read and other options to which you could not access without account.

Do I have to wait my trip is checked from your staff before to see it published in Tripandia?

No you don't, your trips will be immediately published as soon as you decide. However, it could happen that the trip is not immediately included in the results of search browser or that it is excluded from those results when you have collected not enough Tripandia Points. We remind you, furthermore, that your trip could be modified or removed from Tripandi Staff if against usage conditions.

Can my travel buddies always participate at the insertion of my trip?

They can only if you have them previously enabled. For each trip you can decide if your fellows can help you adding information, or if they should be only named as travel participants.

Can my travel buddies modify that I recorded?

Absolutely they cannot. Also if you allow your travel buddies to participate at your trip insertion, they could not delete or modify which you have already inserted, but they can only add information.

Can my travel buddies help me to write about a trip if not published?

No they cannot, my travel buddies can enter into your trip info only after its publication.

What are the Tripandia Points?

For each story about a trip, Tripandia assigns a score which changes from 0 to 100 based on your completeness level. More the story is complete (and consequently more interesting to read), than Tripandia Point will be assigned.

What do I do if I want to get warning about not true information or not respecting the usage terms?

In each pages of the trips there is the button "Notify abuse" which sends automatically to Tripandia Staff your message. The successive checks and the eventual removal of the trip will be done as soon as possible.
As alternative you can use page contact us.
We thank you for any reports.

How can I find a trip which my friend has done?

If you know the autor, the more convenient way to read about his trips is to access to his profile. For doing it you must be registered in Tripandia, access to page of Persons you follow, find the user if still in the list of persons you follow and then open his profile.

How do I do to cancel the publication of a trip?

Enter in trip modify option, click on pencil behind the title and remove the flag on box "Publicated in Tripandia"

Can I modify a trip also after his publication?

Yes you can modify your trips whenever you want.

How can I give you advices, notify problems or simply send you compliments?

You can can use the page contact us. Each of your communications is important for us.

Is it expected the developing of an application for my smarthphone?

Certainly, we believe it's basic to give you the possibility to use Tripandia with your smartphone or tablet. The development has already began, we kindly ask you to wait for a bit.

If you don't have found the answer to your question, feel free to contact us using the page contact us.